Donnerstag, 17. März 2016

The Times of London: The lowdown: dadchelor parties

You know how the birth of a baby generally marks the end of gender equality in a partnership, as the wife’s income plummets and she stays up all night breastfeeding?
I am being cautious about agreeing as I sense you are feeling “political”.

Dadchelor parties.

Excuse me?

When women get pregnant their friends come over and make
them cry by telling them they will never walk again. And then they start cackling like witches. Like a funeral, but more terrifying. And because they can’t drink, they do all this with pink cupcakes, for no known reason.

And men?

Pinterst says ideas for dadchelor parties rose by 149 per cent last year.

I understand a dadchelor party is a different affair?

Men in giant baby sumo suits, drinking beer out of baby bottles and playing "pin the sperm on the uterus". Celebrating the transition into parental responsibility is like his 17th birthday, his graduation party, his stag night - in fact any all-male clebration rolled into one.

I sense a bit of a theme.

Maximising any possible chance for immature overindulgence: "Huggies and Chuggies" or "Poker and Pampers" drinking games; "BBQ, beer and babes"invitations. Getting drunk and doing a pram obstacle course blindfolded.

Sounds like fun, this being a dad.

It really does, doesn't it.

It's almost as though one sex is dreading the trauma of the birth and the permanent damage it wreaks on their bodies and careers, and the other sees itas a period when the woman always gets to be the designated driver at parties. Do they then get the cupcakes too?

With sperm decorations.

Fazit: Alkohol macht die Initiation einfacher.